Jimmy & Jay Elmore travel all over north & west Alabama helping people create their yearbooks. If you'd like help, please call or email us.


   phone - 205.516.2834
   email - j-elmore@att.net
   phone - 205.903.9669
   email - jayelmore@taylorpub.com
   our fax
- 205.444.5088



  • Schedule "Back-to-School" team-building activities for new yearbook staff
  • Solicit & organize contact info for yearbook staff (cell phone,email, etc.)
  • Relax


  • Prepare for book delivery & distribution (fall delivery)
  • Relax


  • Plan & organize a distribution party as a yearbook fundraiser 
  • Confirm summer ad sales materials are on-track
  • Plan for "Back-to-school" book sale
  • Relax


  • Confirm with your local IT group that computer equipment is ready for back-to-school
  • Relax 

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