Whether you create your yearbook online or you prefer a desktop-based solution, Balfour | Taylor Yearbooks has a fit for you.

The premier online layout & design software that allows you to yearbook on your time.  Create anytime, anywhere using a high-speed internet connection.

Designed to plug-in to Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3 or CS4
(plug-in for CS5 coming fall, 2010)

Solid, straight-forward, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use; Balfour | Taylor Yearbooks' own desktop-based layout software is perfect when consistent web access is a challenge.


  • Upload limit increased to 8 MB
  • Image knockouts created within SW
  • Improved performance
  • Faster log-in
  • Stronger passwords
  • Public upload site management
  • Image overscale warning
  • Font & color palette mgt
  • Multi-item property selection
  • Hi-res proof option
  • Publishability enhancements
Added to the existing features...
  • Secure servers ensure data is safe and backed up
  • Access your yearbook anywhere that has a high-speed web connection
  • Adviser-controlled user permissions
  • Design- and image-management tools let you easily manage images, stories and layouts
  • Flexible photo galleries: upload images individually or in groups - images are automatically checked for proper format and resolution
  • Complete design flexibility
  • Hundreds of professionally-designed templates
  • Import/edit/auto-create portrait pages from your photographer’s photo CD
  • Review layouts, assign deadlines, check progress and post comments for other staff members
  • Extensive online and video help, plus dedicated in-plant technical support
  • Online proofs instantly, at the click of a button.


  • Track and manage your yearbook within a single folder
  • Automates the page size & file naming for all InDesign docs
  • Share all yearbook files across a network
  • Visual ladder/planner for page-by-page tracking
  • Auto-creation of page folders for each yearbook spread
  • All images within a page folder are automatically available in the image palette
  • Drag and drop digital images into your layouts – each is automatically formatted and checked for resolution
  • Built-in shortcuts to the most commonly-used InDesign features for yearbook
  • Import/edit/auto-create portrait pages from your photographer’s photo CD
  • Library of editable design elements
  • PDF or source-file submission, online or on disc
  • Choice of paper or online proofs

  • Simple, easy-to-learn layout software
  • Capable of fully-digital submission
  • Drag & drop digital images onto the yearbook page
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates
  • Full page-design flexibility
  • Automatically flow your school portraits onto the yearbook page
  • Full color laser proofs for all pages
  • Submit via disk or online
  • All-encompassing file management - no file naming required
  • Hundreds of pre-installed clip-art & backgrounds

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